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Táfaruci design company specialized in the manufacture of chairs and furnishings. It operates in this sector since 2002 offering high quality solutions, suitable for any home landscape. A highly qualified staff of over 40 people working in various different plants, is responsible for the entire production chain, from product design, to the manufacturing of many types of wood and plastic composite, to the coatings in wool and stretch fabric. The strength of the company is the customization of the product: the finishes, colors and fabrics are interchangeable and the customer can build his self-ideal combination of form and color.

Táfaruci design means also planning and production of custom interior furnishings on commission. This is Táfaruci special project.

Táfaruci Design s.r.l.

Via Remis, 12
33050 San Vito al Torre
Udine, Italy

tel +39 0432 997038
fax +39 0432 1698017

download Elvis Táfaruci,
the pirate of italian design